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Herzog on Human Language and Culture

But everybody talks about extinction of whales or endangered whales, and we are not aware that at the same time, at a much more rapid rate, human languages and cultures are dying out. And the speed of it is staggering. … Continue reading

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The Solitary Walker

‘The solitary walker is, … an insurgent against the contemporary world an ambulatory time traveller’. Will Self, Psychogeography, (London: Bloomsbury, 2007), p. 15. Now Playing: Eno:  Here Come the Warm Jets

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The Lundin Links Stones

On the cover of Julian Cope’s album Rite is a picture of three colossal megaliths.  The human form giving some indication of the size and scale of this unusual grouping. Whether a function of crafted intent or the ageing process, … Continue reading

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J.G.Ballard and The Edinburgh Riviera

From Will Self’s Psychogeography: “I now realise…that Jim [Ballard], has made this Thames littoral his own…he is the purest psychogeographer of us all, ever dissolving the particular and the historical in the transient and the psychic. Making states into states … Continue reading

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