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Through fence and over field, to beyond the hem of trees.

through fence

and over field – to

beyond the hem

of trees.

Thanks to all who have taken time to read any of the postings this year. It has been much appreciated and a delight to interact with so many creative and interesting folk. Whether you chose to celebrate, or not, best wishes to all for a peaceful and enjoyable week and onwards to new openings and possibilities for Year 2013.

And just having a look at what Henry David Thoreau was writing in his journal on 24th December 1841:

I want to go soon and live away by the pond, where I shall hear only the wind whispering among the reeds. It will be success if I shall have left myself behind. But my friends ask what I will do when I get there. Will it not be employment enough to watch the progress of the seasons?
Walden Pond

Now playing: Jan Bang, Erik Honoré – Uncommon Deities. (With David Sylvian, Sidsel Endresen, Arve Henriksen, John Tilbury & Philip Jeck).


The Journal, 1837-1861 by Henry David Thoreau; preface by John R. Stilgoe, edited by Damion Searls (New York: New York Review Books classics, 2009).


Soundtracks of 2012

Selected Soundtracks 2012
Selected Soundtracks 2012

Our soundtracks of 2012 have been characterised by works of substance:

– the long take and the inner journey

– sounds captured at the threshold of perception

– sounds that affect the body

– sounds to dwell in

– sounds to travel in.


Our top 30 in alphabetical order:

AlogUnemployed (Rune Grammofon) (Full 4xLP version)

Oren AmbarchiAudience of One (Touch)

Oren AmbarchiSagittarian Domain (Editions Mego)

Oren Ambarchi and Thomas BrinkmannThe Mortimer Trap (Black Truffle)

John CageJohn Cage 100 Box (Wergo)

Don CherryOrganic Music Society (Caprice) (Reissue)

Sidsel Endresen & Stian WesterhusDidymoi Dreams (Rune Grammofon)

Jean-Claude EloyYo-In (Hors Territoires)

ErstlaubMarconi’s Shipwreck (Broken20)

Morton FeldmanCrippled Symmetry: At June in Buffalo (Frozen Reeds)

FougouFurther From the Centre of Disturbance (Greengage Sounds)

Hallock HillThe Union | A Hem Of Evening (MIE)

Thomas KönerNovaya Zemlya (Touch)

Gregg Kowalsky and Jozef Van WissemMovements in Marble and Stone (Amish)

Brian LavelleThe Night Ocean (Dust, Unsettled)

Locrian and MamifferBless Them That Curse You (Profound Lore)

Bunita MarcusSugarcubes (TESTKLANG)

Now Wakes the SeaHot Cygnet Tape (The Geography Trip)

Duane PitreFeel Free (Important Records)

Porter RicksBiokinetics (Type) (Reissue)

Eliane RadigueFeedback Works 1969-1970 (Alga Marghen)

Akos Rozmann12 Stationer VI (Ideologic Organ)

Richard SkeltonVerse of Birds (Corbel Stone Press)

Sleep Research FacilityStealth (Cold Spring)

Wadada Leo SmithTen Freedom Summers (Cuneiform Records)

Jakob UllmannFremde Zeit – Addendum (Edition RZ)

Mika Vainio / Kevin Drumm / Axel Dörner / Lucio CapeceVenexia (PAN)

Stian WesterhusThe Matriarch And The Wrong Kind Of Flowers (Rune Grammofon)

WITCHWe Intend to Cause Havoc (Now Again) (Reissue)

Nate WooleyThe Almond (Pogus)


And a further fiery five of fun:

Elephant9 With Reine FiskeAtlantis (Rune Grammofon)

GoatWorld Music (Rocket Recordings)

Motorpsycho and Ståle Storløkken – The Death Defying Unicorn (Rune Grammofon)

Oren Ambarchi / Fire!In the Mouth – A Hand (Rune Grammofon)

Neil Young with Crazy HorsePsychedelic Pill (Reprise)


Live Highlights:

Afternoon Tea (Ambarchi/Fennesz/Rowe/Rehberg/Pimmon) – HAU2, Berlin

Be a Hobo, The Music of Moondog – Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline

John Cage @ 100 Concert – John Tilbury, RSNO, Ivan Volkov, City Halls, Glasgow

The Fall – The Arches, Glasgow. (On the basis that any Fall gig that is not a complete car crash these days is a highlight)

Morton Feldman, Coptic Light and Charles Ives, The Unanswered QuestionRSNO, David Robertson, Usher Hall, Edinburgh

Morton Feldman, SQ2 – The Smith Quartet, City Halls, Glasgow

Tim Hecker – Pilrig St Paul’s Church, Edinburgh

Archie Shepp – Summerhall, Edinburgh

Patti Smith – ABC, Glasgow

Supersonic Festival – The Custard Factory, Birmingham

Now Playing: Bee Mask – Vaporware/Scanops