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This Little Boat

We were delighted to be asked to ‘dazzle’ a vessel to join an ever-expanding fleet of tiny peace boats, sailing throughout the world on people power. This Little Boat is an evolving project conceived and initiated by artist and teacher Kathryn Brown. The original reclaimed peace boat eventually travelled to and returned from nine countries. The fleet began to expand when Kathryn, inspired by the shape of George Wyllie’s famous Paper Boat, began to produce small blank plywood boats on which people could ‘present an idea’. Over 200 boats have now been ‘dazzled’ by contributors from around the globe. This includes local schoolchildren, members of the public, artists such as John Byrne and Celie Byrne and musicians including Bernard Sumner of New Order, Terry Hall and Mute Records.

May the fleet continue to expand and spread a message of peace.

Additions to the fleet and news on how the project develops will be available here.

A big thanks to my 15 yr old, Matt, for painting our boat.


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Found Art Happenstance Observation Psychogeography Signs and Signifiers

Reveal of Unhalfbricking

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Happenstance Observation Psychogeography rag-pickings

Haar Gothic

Haar gothic

Graveyard off limits

No herald angels sing today


Dunfermline Abbey 21.12.17

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Collaborations Language of Objects Poetry

Language of Objects – Review by Billy Mills.

We are delighted that Billy Mills, poet, editor, and literary journalist has reviewed Language of Objects and included it in his top ten books of the year. The review can be read here

Thanks Billy!

Billy also runs hardPressed poetry press with fellow poet Catherine Walsh. Billy’s blog Elliptical Movements is a treasure trove of book reviews, poetry and generally interesting writing including an archive of Irish Women Poets. His own books come highly recommended including Lares/Manes: Collected Poems (Shearsman, 2009); Imaginary Gardens (hardPressed poetry 2012); and most recently The City Itself (Hesterglock Press 2017).

Thanks very much, from Brian and myself, to everyone who has supported Language of Objects. A small number of copies are still available and can be ordered here.

Best wishes