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I pass the old Lexmark factory in Rosyth on an almost daily basis. One of those US campus style buildings, nestling incongruously amongst manicured landscapes, with obligatory pond and water features. 

This was supposedly the inspiration of ‘the factory’ in Gregory Burke’s Gagarin Way.  Another example of Scotland’s inward investment bribery policy whereby multinationals steam in hoovering up every ‘grant’ going and as soon as the subsidies expire they’re off to the next one. 700 jobs lost. The fluidity of global, multi-national capital.

The factory closed in 2006 and although some maintenance has clearly been going on, ‘nature’ has stealthily been making her mark. Lichens and green algae creeping over the sleek post-modern surfaces; roof foliage sprouting healthily; the pond now completely covered by water plants. How long before it all crumbles to dust reclaimed by greenery?

EDIT: A new sign has gone up this week!  Norwegian fish company Morpol is to buy the factory and use it to process Scottish smoked salmon.  Good news for Rosyth but wonder where the fish will come from? What sort of energies will a fish factory radiate? We shall monitor and investigate!

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By Murdo Eason - From Hill to Sea

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