2012 CE – The Stakes are High

Well fair to say that  there was not exactly an embarrassment of riches in the number of 2011 CE postings.  That is not to say that there was little activity.  Many randonnées, promenades, dérives and field studies were undertaken and valuable data collected for the archive. Perhaps it will be written up at some point and dribble out.  Perhaps not.  Some of this stuff needs time to gestate, energies need to be absorbed and connections mapped.  Anyway, the collective takes the view that linear chronology is much over-rated as are arbitrary time divisions such as months and years.  2011 CE should also be enough evidence that the trigger has been pulled to sink the final bullet into the twitching corpse of the delusionary grand narrative, of which ‘economic ‘growth’ is but one.  However, there is little doubt that we will continue to see politicians and the usual suspects spout their tired, unsustainable, ‘growth’ mantras in an increasing state of panicked denial. Perhaps their time would be better spent pondering Nietzsche’s thoughts on eternal recurrence or, even better, going for a walk.

So as a modest contribution to 2012 CE wellbeing, the collective will continue with their  excursions, deep topographical exploration and simply going for a walk.    We may even manage to write some of these up. Some may scoff at such pedestrian activities, yet let us not forget that recent calls for a “jasmine revolution” in China were met with armed police descending on public places to stop people “strolling”.

The stakes are high!



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By Murdo Eason - From Hill to Sea

murdo eason / walking / writing / between world & word

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