s i l e n t l y .. b e i n g .. s i l e n t

Holy Isle - Arran, Scotland









Sky Detail

Now playing: Eliane Radigue – Transamorem – Transmortem

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4 Responses to s i l e n t l y .. b e i n g .. s i l e n t

  1. Jean McEwan says:

    This resonates with me a great deal today. Thank you. Incidentally, I’m currently reading Sara Maitland’s ‘A book of Silence’ – have you come across it?

  2. Thanks for the comment Jean. I started this post as prose and it just got pared away until there wasn’t much left! I have heard of Sara Maitland’s book but haven’t read it. Would like to though. Would you recommend it?

  3. Sonya Chasey says:

    Silence is an undervalued state – your words & the photographs sum it up well. Incidentally where is the photo taken ? Looks like somewhere limestone to me.

    • Thanks for the comment Sonya. The photo was taken on Holy Island which is a tiny island just off the coast of the Isle of Arran on the West Coast of Scotland. It is now owned by a Buddhist order but anyone can visit for the day. I’m not religious at all but it is difficult not to tap into the island’s long spiritual history with evident traces stretching back to the hermit-cave of a 6th Century monk, St Molaise. There is also evidence of a 13th Century Christian Monastery and an ancient healing spring still flows. There is now a lot of Buddhist artwork on the island painted directly on to the stones which I also took photographs of and may post at some point. I just love the psychological distance created by traveling by boat to an island, In this case, an island beyond an island. Holy Island is also without any roads so only suitable for walkers and the sheep and goats which live there. No cars! The weather was also exceptionally good for Scotland!

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