T h r e s h o l d


to catch

a thread

of time




the o u  t   g    o     i      n       g        t         i          d           e



listening for


an inflexion


of breath














at the river

still standing


still standing grounded

at the river, still standing grounded  –  but different

Now playing: The Necks – Silverwater

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12 Responses to T h r e s h o l d

  1. Emina Redzic says:

    Love the combination of words, images and music. Reading, I could also hear music from Streaming by Chris Abrahams.

    • Thanks for the comment Emina. Yes! Streaming by Chris Abrahams. Wonderful. I love all of The Necks output and related offshoots such as Chris’s solo albums. Always navigating that tension between flow and space and the improvised unfolding and layering of the sound.

      • Emina Redzic says:

        I first discovered Chris Abrahams and then the Necks. I was very lucky to hear C.A live five years ago or so. It was just him and a piano and I couldn’t believe because you could hear so many different instruments at the same time. It was very special.

      • I’ve not seen Chris solo but lucky enough to catch The Necks about four times now. The first time was in a small venue in Edinburgh when Chris was using the house piano – one of those uprights that you might find in someone’s sitting room! Incredible what sounds he (they) produce in an improvised setting. Thanks again.

      • Also has just struck me that water imagery is a recurrent theme in the titles of some of Chris’s solo pieces: ‘Memory of Water’ ‘Oceanic Feeling’ ‘River of Hammers’ ‘Streaming’….

  2. Emina Redzic says:

    Yes, that’s exactly why I thought of C.A. when I read your poem.

  3. Emily B says:

    Isn’t it amazing what white space can do. I love the way this poem moves. Thank you for sharing, for reminding us to breathe.

  4. Thank you Emily. That is a lovely comment.

  5. Thank you for introducing me to The Necks, of whom I was woefully ignorant before. You have enriched my musical life considerably!

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  7. hamertheframer says:

    OK, Silverwater’s on next. Or do I mean neckst?

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