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Walking Score No 1 (After Klee)

Walking Score 1

taking a line for a walk  ~ Paul Klee

taking a walk on a line ~ FPC


Walking Score No I (After Klee)


Take a map drawn to any scale


Draw a line that starts and ends at the same place


Attempt to walk the line as far as is practicable


Record your experience in some form and share if desired


Paul Klee - Revolution des Viadukts, (1937)
Paul Klee – Revolution des Viadukts, (1937)

Now Playing: Wire – Map Ref. 41°N 93°W

By Murdo Eason - From Hill to Sea

murdo eason / walking / writing / between world & word

4 replies on “Walking Score No 1 (After Klee)”

Thanks Diana – possibly a bit of both. Actually, have always loved that Klee line and just seemed a playful idea to adapt and apply to a walking context. Probably more Cagean than détournement.

Thanks Matt. Only prepared that line yesterday so haven’t walked that one yet. Have tried the idea on a couple of smaller walks. (You could scale it from say a garden to a few streets, town, city, region….) You do encounter difficulties in strictly following the line. Circumventing physical obstacles such as a football ground for example, but that’s where the “as far as is practicable” came in. Also depends on how determined you are. On the other side it did take me to places where I ordinarily wouldn’t have gone. Behind a retail park was one – the reverse of the glossy retail facing side and a stretch alongside the M90 motorway. (there was a path!). What was surprising about the latter was encountering the almost tropical sweet smell of the abundant whin (gorse) bushes that thrive on the rock cuttings. Not what I had expected with all the traffic whizzing past.

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