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Grangemouth Rapture

The Grangemouth petro-chemical complex sits on the shores of the River Forth with another industrial behemoth – Longannet Power Station – on the opposite side. Both are visible for miles around and at night it is difficult not to be utterly captivated by the dazzling, artificial white light, belching steam and orange flares which shoot into the sky. A curious mix of dark satanic mill and industrial city from the future. On 9th October, the orange flaring was the most extreme that I’ve ever seen. Whilst the pictures are not great it should give a flavour of the eerie effect created.

This was originally posted on twitter on 9th October:


Looks like the Rapture is beginning over Grangemouth tonight.

Flame on!

DSCN0238Now playing: Fire! Orchestra – Exit


By Murdo Eason - From Hill to Sea

murdo eason / walking / writing / between world & word

5 replies on “Grangemouth Rapture”

Thanks Lines. No I hadn’t seen that. Really excellent short film. Also thought it was Alan Bissett reading it which was confirmed once I got to the credits. (and saw he wrote the text as well).

Yep. Not the first time they’ve worked together either. Recall a show I saw in Edinburgh where Alan Bissett read from his books while Y’all is Fantasy Island (Adam Stafford’s old band) and Zoey van Goey played behind.

There is something compelling and fascinating about Grangemouth. I remember walking near one evening and it was every cliché of industrial beauty glittering in the winter twilight. Never seen it from that side of the Forth though – judging by these photos I should make the effort one day.

Thanks Alex. It does create a very unique environment. Longannet is similar. If you travel back to Fife, via Kincardine Bridge, in the dark, it is equally compelling and fascinating, particularly the scale of the building.

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