Found Art: Andre / Mondrian / Scully

How many times have we walked up Free School Close, a narrow pedestrian thoroughfare that connects Canmore Street to Dunfermline High Street?

Perhaps it was the way the sun reflected off the pinks and greys.

Possibly we were more attuned to notice                                   this

chance framing of brickwork, stone and harling.

Found                               a Tate Modern mash-up:

Carl Andre          Piet Mondrian          Sean Scully …





Now playing: Louis Andriessen – De Stijl

Thanks to @stphn

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3 Responses to Found Art: Andre / Mondrian / Scully

  1. aubrey says:

    Like looking down on fields and enclosures carefully bound and bordered, as one wings towards the landing strip at the flight’s end.

  2. Jeff says:

    Looks like it could have been something of a relief.

  3. Tredynas Days says:

    Well spotted!

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