The Desire Line of Water



from source to sea:

the desire line

of water

rarely follows

a straight path




Flux -> Flow -> Gravity -> Time:

all combine

with light, to reveal

the sounds and colours

of falling water




All of the utterances.

From a babble of words,

a line of desire

occasionally emerges




Images from a walk between Kincardine and Culross and from St Fillans Churchyard Aberdour.

Now playing: Philip Jeck and Jacob Kirkegaard – Soaked

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5 Responses to The Desire Line of Water

  1. Thanks Steve – nice water infused reading.

  2. annjrippin says:

    Fantastic title – is it yours or borrowed?

    • Thanks Ann. Unless it has seeped into the unconscious from somewhere else, hopefully ours. Have been thinking a lot about desire lines lately and, when encountering this scene on a walk, it just wrote itself!

  3. agenda19892010 says:

    Very beautiful diacronic poetry .

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