From Hill to Sea: Book and Film


We are delighted to announce that our book, From Hill to Sea, will be published in November 2015 by Bread and Circuses Publishing. (Tom Vague, King Mob, Guy Debord etc). Details about the book’s content and a ten minute film can be viewed on the Bread and Circuses website here.

There will be an initial, full colour, limited edition print run and also an eBook. Further information about the book will be posted here and on the Bread and Circuses website when available. If you are interested in reserving a copy of the numbered, limited edition print run, or being kept informed about the book’s publication, please email:

info [at]

What started out as a short trailer for the book, expanded to a ten minute film. Any rational person may have tried to edit this down but we have left it to view in whole or in part. If nothing else, you can enjoy the sounds of Oneohtrix Point Never and The Durutti Column.

Murdo Eason will also be doing some readings from the book at various forthcoming events. We will post details on this blog and on twitter @fifepsy

Thanks to everyone who has been supportive and encouraging of our endeavours to date. It is greatly appreciated.

22 replies on “From Hill to Sea: Book and Film”

yeyyyyy!!!it looks great..very nice cover!!! i watched the’s such a very nice thing you have done observing the everythings)it’s like the whole world is an interactive archive better than being in a museum as if each day is a vitrine to look into. i like it very much and i wish you much success( very good moon this night ) maybe will make it to one of your readings!! thank you for the illuminating ruminations Grrreat!!

Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2015 19:42:33 +0000 To:

Thanks very much Alan. I think Vini is pretty frail these days, but recall reading that he did perform briefly at Chorlton Arts Festival last year. Seems like a lot of the earlier albums are being reissued though.

If the book is as powerful as this short film (and I am sure it will be) then It will really be something to be proud of. Looking forward to seeing it. Great cover BTW.Congratulations. Laurence

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