Slow Time – Assorted Ragpickings and Footfalls



Conflux of cobbles

Walking against

Autumn’s wake




Deep           Time

Shore           Line

F r e s c o




a scattering of jewels

criss-cross streams

of early morning light






at the edges

meaning, slipping


from the words




Godot Tree


For leaves

To fall



Autumn morning / City pastoral

(King’s Stables Road, Edinburgh. Horse and cattle markets were held weekly in this road from 1477 until 1911)





the spaces in between

One cracked cobble




“Several whales have come in upon this coast

Anno 1652, one, eighty feet in length”

Moby Dick (Supplied by a Sub-Sub-Librarian) – on the Fife coast.




No still life:

Foraging wasps, drunk

on autumnal colour




Always good to head for a higher perspective. On the way, counsel from the elephant wood shaman.




Towards the brow of the hill:

a wind blown tree;

an apparition,

forming in the sky




Always the tracks

of footfall

beyond the now

of time




Frost already underfoot/ A smothering of darkness/ Celestial lights & the eerie glow of the petrochemical plant/ A heron stalks the shadows


Now Playing: Robin Hayward – Stop Time (favourite piece of music of the year).

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2 Responses to Slow Time – Assorted Ragpickings and Footfalls

  1. hamertheframer says:

    Like country dancing in your head… you’ve got me foot-tapping with Beckett

  2. Wonderful stuff. The whole world needs the counsel of the elephant wood shaman.

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