Language of Objects – Review by Billy Mills.

We are delighted that Billy Mills, poet, editor, and literary journalist has reviewed Language of Objects and included it in his top ten books of the year. The review can be read here

Thanks Billy!

Billy also runs hardPressed poetry press with fellow poet Catherine Walsh. Billy’s blog Elliptical Movements is a treasure trove of book reviews, poetry and generally interesting writing including an archive of Irish Women Poets. His own books come highly recommended including Lares/Manes: Collected Poems (Shearsman, 2009); Imaginary Gardens (hardPressed poetry 2012); and most recently The City Itself (Hesterglock Press 2017).

Thanks very much, from Brian and myself, to everyone who has supported Language of Objects. A small number of copies are still available and can be ordered here.

Best wishes



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5 Responses to Language of Objects – Review by Billy Mills.

  1. Billy Mills says:

    Thanks, all. A fine book it is, too.

  2. Alan Nance says:

    Hello Murdo,
    Somehow missed your original post about the release of this. Just ordered a copy. All the very best for 2018.

  3. wedno says:

    Me too – just ordered my copy
    Happy 2018

  4. Many thanks Wendy. Will get this in the post. Best wishes, Murdo.

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