Reveal of Unhalfbricking

Now playing: Fairport Convention – Unhalfbricking

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4 Responses to Reveal of Unhalfbricking

  1. Unhalfbricking is my favourite Faiport Convention album, and that’s a great shot. On any other day, this would have been the most significant music-related thing on the Internet for me

    • Thanks Lines. Was playing a lot of Fairport over the Xmas period and this wall seemed to link in somehow. Was actually updating blog with some bits n bobs last night so missed the initial MES announcement. No major surprise but not any easier when it comes.

  2. Has to be my favourite Fairport album too – still has traces of West Coast experimentalism alongside the birth of the 4/4 folk rock groove.

  3. Alan Nance says:

    It is indeed a great photo, he says, while withdrawing a well-worn piece of vinyl from its faded paper sleeve.

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