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Score of Silence


score of silence



with grace notes



Now playing: Eva-Maria Houben – Piano Music (performed by R. Andrew Lee).

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Settle / / Disperse






Settled /


/      /


/ Disperse



ice blue hue of early morning /     / settled setting of frozen music /     / arrowhead stave aimed at the stars /     / rhythms inked on starless starlight [ crack crack – cacophony crescendo ] winged chorus sounded in flight /     /

settle /     / settled /     / disperse /     / dispersed

still /     / stilled /     / stillness

At Capernaum Pier, Limekilns. Early morning 21st January 2017.

Now playing: David Cross & Robert Fripp – Starless Starlight

Happenstance Observation Poetry rag-pickings

Ascend the Corbie Steps


On a tilt of light

ascend the corbie steps.


Perch with the birds

of the shadow world.



A big thanks to Ms AM for the photograph. A serendipitous encounter with light, shadow, birds and time.

Now playing: Seth Cluett – ‘A Radiance Scored With Shadow’ from Objects of Memory.

Encounters Happenstance Observation Poetry Psychogeography rag-pickings

Above the City: Leaving / Returning


a city is more than a place in space, it is a drama in time

Patrick Geddes

and the resourceful creatures see clearly

that we are not really at home

in the interpreted world

Rainer Maria Rilke – The Duino Elegies


Above the city

as if the cloak

of air, on wings,

weighs too heavy.


A need to

take flight,

defy gravity

soar, for

a moment,

and return.



Photographs taken looking towards the roof of the City Art Centre, Edinburgh, 6th February 2016.

Watching the cycle of leaving and returning. Leaving and returning.

Now playing: Grasscut – Everyone Was a Bird.