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Slightly incongruous to be re-reading Werner Herzog’s Of Walking in Ice whilst we all wallow in the sunshine this week.  A bit like walking around with an ice-cube in my pocket as Edinburgh metamorphoses into an outdoor theatre and city life explodes on to the streets.  It’s interesting to think about how a hot snap of unseasonal weather can challenge the notion of city design, public space, and it’s usage.  Groups and individuals start to congregate freely in the most unlikeliest of spaces under ‘normal weather conditions’. The usual wet and windy expanse of the Usher Hall steps are transformed into a natural amphitheatre, for meeting, eating, drinking, thinking and reading. Any available sun-facing surface is colonised by the intrepid light worshiper including window sills and ledges. People appear to embrace drifting and flaneuring in lunch hours, glad to be moving though the city with no particular purpose.   I haven’t really given too much  thought about the relationship between weather and city space but when you see such an instant and radical transformation it is hard to ignore.

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On Foot

“The world reveals itself to those who travel on foot”.

                                                                                                  Werner Herzog

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Herzog on Human Language and Culture

But everybody talks about extinction of whales or endangered whales, and we are not aware that at the same time, at a much more rapid rate, human languages and cultures are dying out. And the speed of it is staggering. You see, within the next fifty years, 90 per cent of all spoken languages on this planet will have disappeared without a trace.

Q&A: Werner Herzog, New Statesman, 24th April 2009.

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