Poetry Sounds of Spaces and Places

Sounds of Spaces and Places – Week ending 15th January 2012 CE


‘Unexpected item in the bagging area,
please remove item before continuing.’

Does every barcode scanned,
capture part of the human soul?


Ship’s horns sounding
on The Firth of Forth,
make me think, of
Julia Holter’s Tragedy.


Ice cracking
on the lily pond
in Dunfermline Glen.


Ben Frost and Daniel Bjarnason – Solaris
Jean-Claude Eloy – Anahata
Albert Ayler – Love Cry/The Last Album
Howard Roberts – Antelope Freeway/Equinox Express Elevator
Battles – Gloss Drop
Morton Subotnick – Echoes from the Silent Call/A Fluttering of Wings
The Fall – Complete Peel Sessions
Aidan Moffat & The Best-Ofs – How to Get to Heaven From Scotland
Hallock Hill – The Union

By Murdo Eason - From Hill to Sea

murdo eason / walking / writing / between world & word

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