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Once we looked to the horizon

Blind Window


Once we looked to the horizon.

How can we see now?




in the white wall

a pulse, a tracing

an inscription of breath.



An acronym, or

a beginning

an interruption, or

an end?




brush strokes

impasto smears

…………………………………………….– the sky

a feathered script

of light

At the Ghost Pier 28.12.13


At the ghost pier

the ebb and flow

of memory

and forgetting



Weather soaked


 etched – in wood

a redundancy of nails






From the shore


A polished pewter sky

dreams a wash of

copper-burnished kisses



an invitation,

the pull towards

the edge




to sit and stare.


to the lichens




On the cliff top,

who is watching

the solitary watcher

Memory Bench


and at the bench

an outward gaze

to remember

and once again

look beyond

the edge of the horizon.

Musings from a short walk in the village of Aberdour, Fife, on 28th December 2013.

Thanks to @emmaZbolland for “Pewter light” in response to an earlier tweet of the Ghost Pier.

Now playing: Translucence – John Foxx and Harold Budd.

By Murdo Eason - From Hill to Sea

murdo eason / walking / writing / between world & word

6 replies on “Once we looked to the horizon”

I spent hours of my youth in Aberdour and now I hardly recognise it. But sometime in the summer of 1968 I laid on the grass at the tops of those cliffs as the seagulls rode the thermals up the cliff face…as they appeared over the edge I was briefly eye-to-eye with them. This experience and the mundane soundtrack of waves on stone and the seagull’s cries has stayed with me while the topography of the place has faded…

Thanks for the comment. I’m intrigued by how some reasonably mundane incidents, events and objects remain vividly etched in memory whilst others just seem to wash away leaving the faintest of residues. Love the image of the seagulls riding the thermals on the Aberdour cliffs and coming eye-to-eye. Can imagine why that memory would stay. I have walked around Aberdour many times before although probably associate it more with summer. This day was remarkably quiet, cold, a bit overcast and just good to stretch the legs after the Christmas festivities. All combined to noticing things/objects and seeing the place just a bit differently.

I love the sea, but perhaps I like it best when it fades to green and silver, and the sky becomes cold and white. Copper sunsets, pewter skies, lichens and horizons – a chilly world of earth and wind. I love this – it will become a lovely memory as the air becomes warmer and the colors become more blatant.

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