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Addendum: Into the Void – A Field Trip

We have previously entered the Zone-like territory of The Void which was documented in a previous post here:


We have just been sent this wonderful photo by Stray Seal which captures the uncanny, submerged world of The Void.  It also confirms that the pike rumoured to patrol the waters is clearly swimming in the depths:

Underwater Chair and Pike ©strayseal

Stray Seal is Lindsay Brown, a cinematographer specialising in underwater film and photography for both drama and documentary, including natural history.  There are some more of her quarry pictures here and check out her website and facebook albums.

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By Murdo Eason - From Hill to Sea

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8 replies on “Addendum: Into the Void – A Field Trip”

Thanks Carringtonia. Yes, I loved the photo and the evidence of the pike existing. Have had some exchanges with Lindsay Brown, the photographer, regarding the local stories that circulate around a place like this.

Just followed your original walk on Google maps. The underwater photos you link to remind me of the scene in Shallow Grave when that car’s disposed of, but I think the film was made in Glasgow.
The nearest I’ve been to your walk was a randomly decided upon coastal wandering going east from St Andrews. It led myself and my partner to retreat from a sudden storm by cutting across a golf course that was churned up by earth-moving equipment. Strange landscape to find yourself in.

Excellent photos by Stray Seal and loved your other blog. Something really creepy and mysterious about seeing the underwater photos and your photos above water. A good riposte to diving shots of tropical waters with coral and colourful fish. A very British / Scottish dive!

The photograph is gorgeous – turquoise luminosity and prehistoric beauty all in one surreal composition. The pike is fearsome – quiet, dangerous and beautiful.

Thank you Aubrey. Also love Stray Seal’s photograph. Your comment also reminds me of ‘the pike’ rumoured to be in a local river when I was very young. It took on the aura of something hidden, mythical and monsterous. Rarely seen, often whispered about.

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