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Three November Skies



Two divining rods

dowsing the sky


A fragment falling

pooling at my feet

Looking from Leith Walk, Edinburgh, on 25th November towards the vestiges of the Shrubhill tramway workshops and power station. The power station opened in 1898 and housed the haulage engines for cable-tramway operations. By 1922 the power station had closed with the tramway workshops continuing in use until 1956.

The site was also once known as the Gallow Lee where a gibbet stood for public executions. There are numerous accounts of murderers, Covenanters, warlocks and witches being executed and buried on the site between 1570 and 1752. 




Waves of molten lava

breaking  –  on

the blue shore

An early morning sky over Limekilns, Fife on 25th November 2015. The sky as apocalyptic beach.




View from the train – take that #BlackFriday

On the East Coast mainline. Taken and posted on Twitter on 27th November 2015.


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